PTA's members fall into three categories: ordinary members, honorary members and supporting members..

Ordinary membership is open to anyone who has published at least one paper in a refereed journal or has a graduate diploma in astronomy.

Honorary membership is reserved to those individuals exceptionally involved in promoting the development of astronomy in Poland or those who have achieved notable scientific success in the field. The title is awarded by the General Assembly following a petition/proposal from the Board of Directors.

Received an honorary membership

Name Date
Robert O'Dell 26.09.1979
Jan Mergentaler 26.09.1979
Eugeniusz Rybka 26.09.1979
Wilhelmina Iwanowska 14.09.1995
Antoni Opolski 10.09.2003
Bohdan Paczynski 10.09.2003
Jozef Smak 19.09.2007
Andrzej Woszczyk 13.09.2011
Kazimierz Stępień 09.09.2015
Wojciech Dziembowski 13.09.2017
Sławomir Ruciński 13.09.2017
Krzysztof Ziołkowski 12.09.2019

Supporting membership is open to all legal or natural persons.


Membership fees:

Present annual membership fee is 90 PLN.
Please send it to:

Polskie Towarzystwo Astronomiczne
ul. Bartycka 18
00-716 Warszawa

Bank: Millenium S.A.
Account number: PL 93 1160 2202 0000 0000 2906 0524