Podziękowania od Amerykańskiego Towarzystwa Astronomicznego

Odpowiedź na list z kondolencjami wysłany podczas Zjazdu PTA do Amerykańskiego Towarzystwa Astronomicznego 11 września 2001 r.:

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the American Astronomical Society, I want to tell you how deeply we appreciate the concern of our colleagues in the Polish Astronomical Society. Your kind message will be circulated among our membership. The full impact of this horror is not yet calculable and probably cannot ever be calculated. We grieve for all the victims and their families without yet knowing the full toll. One of the joys of our discipline of astronomy has always been the close international friendships that it brings. Your sympathetic expression of this friendship is a light in a very dark time.


Anneila Sargent,
American Astronomical Society