Bayesian frequency analysis of HD201433 observations with BRITE

Bayesian frequency analysis of HD 201433 observations with BRITE

T. Kallinger, W. W. Weiss and the BRITE Team

Multiple oscillation frequencies separated by close to or less than the formal frequency resolution of a data set are a serious problem in the frequency analysis of time series data. We present a new and fully automated Bayesian approach that searches for close frequencies in time series data and assesses their significance by comparison to no signal and a monoperiodic signal. We extensively test the approach with synthetic data sets and apply it to the 156 days-long high-precision BRITE photometry of the SPB star HD 201433, for which we find a sequence of nine statistically significant rotationally split dipole modes.

Proceedings of the Polish Astronomical Society, vol. 5, 113-119 (2017)

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