Programme of the poster presentations

Marcin Bielewicz – Muon astrophysics with the MCORD detector

Małgorzata Curyło – Wideband timing of Parkes Pulsar Timing Array datasets

Vincent Hocde – Mid-infrared circumstellar emission of the long-period Cepheid l Carinae resolved with VLTI/MATISSE

Maja Jabłońska i Tomasz Różański – Doppler imaging and deep neural networks

Bestin James – Variablity properties of jets from accreting black holes using GRMHD simulations

Krzysztof Lisiecki – Red nuggets – hunting for untouched survivors from the early Universe

Mohamad Naddaf – Dynamical Picture of Broad Line Region in FRADO Model

Ambra Nanni – Estimating the gas and dust enrichment from carbon-rich stars in the Magellanic Clouds

Jose Ortuño-Macías – Kinetic simulations of current-driven instabilities in relativistically magnetized jets

Ewa Skorek – Revealing the cosmic evolution of quasars using metallicity indicators

Agnieszka Słowikowska – NEOPol – Polish polarimeter for NEO observations

Barbara Sylwester – O obfitości wapnia podczas faz zaniku rozbłysków słonecznych

Dorota Rosińska – Binary Black Holes originating from globular clusters as sources of gravitational waves

Raj Prince – Broadband study of BL Lac during flare of 2020: Spectral evolution and emergence of HBL component

Paweł Drozda – Angular clustering in standard and modified gravity