Stellar magnetism

Stellar Magnetism: A Workshop in Honour of the Career and Contributions of John D. Landstreet
Conference date: 8-11 July 2019
Conference website:
Location: Western University, London, Canada
ISBN: 978-83-950430-9-3
ISSN: 2545-1022
Editors: Gregg Wade (chief editor), Evelyne Alecian, David Bohlender, Aaron Sigut
Volume number: 11
Published: November, 2020

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Stellar Magnetism: A Workshop in Honour of the Career and Contributions of John D. Landstreet - Table of Contents


11 • Preface, Aaron Sigut


Part 1 - Observations and Modeling of Stellar Magnetic Fields

15 • Fifty Years of Observations of Grw+708247, S. Bagnulo

25 • Magnetism and Other Properties of CP Stars in Orion OB1, E. A. Semenko, I. I. Romanyuk, I. A. Yakunin, A. V. Moiseeva, D. O. Kudryavtsev

32 • Polarimetric Instrumentation at the DAO, D. Monin

35 • Sharp-Lined and Slowly Rotating Ap Stars, G. Mathys

46 • What's New with Landstreet's Star HD 37776 (V901 Ori)?, Z. Mikulášek, J. Krtička, M. E. Shultz, G. W. Henry, M. Prvák, A. David-Uraz, J. Janı́k, M. Zejda, I. I. Romanyuk, the MOBSTER Collaboration

54 • Modelling the Magnetic Fields and Magnetospheres of Early B-Type Stars, M. E. Shultz

66 • Probing the Magnetospheres of Hot Magnetic Stars Using ECME, B. Das, P. Chandra, G. A. Wade, M. E. Shultz, J. Sikora

74 • Quantitative Modeling of the UV Line Profiles of Magnetic Massive Stars, C. Erba, V. Petit, A. David-Uraz, A. Fullerton

81 • Be Star Inclination Angles Derived from Hα Line Profile Fitting, T. A. A. Sigut, A. K. Mahjour, C. Tycner

89 • Mapping Stellar Magnetic Fields, O. Kochukhov


Part 2 - Evolution of Stars and Their Magnetic Fields

105 • Magnetism in Massive Stars, K. C. Augustson

117 • BISTRO: B-fields In STar-forming Regions Observations, an Overview, P. Bastien, the BISTRO Consortium

125 • Magnetism and Accretion in Intermediate-Mass PMS Stars, E. Alecian, Y. Lebreton

131 • How Centrifugal Breakout from Magnetic B-stars Controls the Onset of Their Hα Emission, S. Owocki, M. E. Shultz, A. ud-Doula, J. Sundqvist

140 • 3D MHD Simulations of Obliquely Rotating Massive Stars, A. ud-Doula

148 • The Photometric and Polarimetric Variability of Magnetic O-type Stars, M. S. Munoz, G. A. Wade, D. Faes, A. Carciofi

156 • Recent Advances in Asteroseismology of B and A Stars, K. Zwintz

164 • Modelling the Colliding-Wind Spectra of WR+OB Binaries, G. M. Hill

170 • Recent Developments in Determining the Evolution of Magnetic OB Stars, V. Petit, A. David-Uraz

178 • The Evolution of Magnetic Stars in a Single-age Population, P. Cerrahoğlu, V. Petit, Z. Keszthelyi, A. David-Uraz


Part 3 - Atmospheres of Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Stars

185 • Diffusion and Chemical Transport in Stellar Atmospheres, G. Michaud, J. Richer

194 • Improvements to the Single-Valued Parameter (SVP) Method for Radiative Acceleration Calculations: Preliminary Results, F. LeBlanc, G. Alecian

201 • VeSElkA: Vertical Stratification of Element Abundances in CP stars, V. Khalack, F. LeBlanc, O. Kobzar

209 • Revealing the Nature of HD 63401, P. Kashko, V. Khalack, O. Kobzar, D. Tvardovskyi, M. Perron-Cormier

214 • Study of Slowly Rotating CP Stars Observed with TESS, O. Kobzar, V. Khalack, D. Bohlender, A. David-Uraz, P. Kashko, D. M. Bowman, C. Lovekin, D. Tvardovskyi, M. Perron-Cormier, E. Paunzen, J. Sikora, P. Lampens, O. Richard

219 • MOBSTER: Establishing a Picture of Magnetic Massive Stars as a Population, A. David-Uraz, C. Neiner, J. Sikora, J. Barron, D. M. Bowman, P. Cerrahoğlu, D. H. Cohen, C. Erba, O. Kobzar, O. Kochukhov, V. Petit, M. E. Shultz, A. ud-Doula, G. A. Wade, the MOBSTER Collaboration

226 • MOBSTER: Identifying Candidate Magnetic O Stars through Rotational Modulation of TESS Photometry, J. Barron, G. A. Wade, D. M. Bowman, A. David-Uraz, M. S. Munoz, H. Pablo, S. Simón-Dı́az


Part 4 - Reflections

239 • Reflections on the Discovery of the First Magnetic White Dwarf, J. D. Landstreet