Second BRITE-Constellation Science Conference - Small satellites - big science

Second BRITE-Constellation Science Conference - Small satellites - big science
Conference date: 22–26 August 2016
Location: Innsbruck, Austria
ISBN: 978-83-938279-6-1
Editors: Konstanze Zwintz, Ennio Poretti
Volume number: 5
Published: September, 2017

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Second BRITE-Constellation Science Conference - Small satellites - big science - Table of Contents


9 • Preface, K. Zwintz


Part 1 - BRITE

15 • BRITE-Constellation Science Operations, R. Kuschnig  and the BRITE Team

26 • A statistical analysis of BRITE data, M. Kondrak, K. Zwintz  and R. Kuschnig

32 • Preparing and correcting extracted BRITE observations, B. Buysschaert, H. Pablo  and C. Neiner


Part 2 - Massive Stars

37 • Massive star evolution: What we do (not) know, C. Georgy, R. Hirschi  and S. Ekstrom

45 • Parameters of normal and peculiar massive single and multiple stars, M.-F. Nieva and N. Przybilla

55 • The variability of  γ2 Vel and other massive stars with strong stellar winds, as seen with BRITE and ground-based spectroscopy, N. Richardson, A. Moat, N. St-Louis, L. St-Jean, C. M. P. Russell, T. Shenar, G. M. Hill, K. Hamaguchi, H. Pablo, M. F. Corcoran, SASER spectroscopy group and the BRITE Team


Part 3 - Future Nanosatellite Missions

63 • Nanosatellite missions - the future, O. Koudelka, R. Kuschnig, M. Wenger  and P. Romano

73 • CUTE: The Colorado Ultraviolet Transit Experiment, L. Fossati, K. France, B. Fleming, T. Koskinen, A. Vidotto, M. Beasley, J.-M. Desert, K. Hoadley, R. Kohnert, N. Nell and P. Petit

76 • UVSat: a concept of an ultraviolet/optical photometric satellite, A. Pigulski,  A. Baran, M. Bzowski, H. Cugier, B. Czerny, J. Daszyńska-Daszkiewicz, W. Dziembowski, G. Handler, Z. Kołaczkowski, M. Królikowska, J. Krzesiński, G. Maciejewski, G. Michalska, J. Molenda-Żakowicz, P. Moskalik, A. Niedzielski, E. Niemczura, J. Ostrowski, A. Pamyatnykh, M. Ratajczak, S. Rucinski, M. Siwak, R. Smolec, S. Szutowicz, T. Tomov,  L. Wyrzykowski, S. Zoła and M. Sarna


Part 4 - Magnetic Stars

86 • The BRITE spectropolarimetric program, C. Neiner, G. A. Wade, S. C. Marsden  and A. Blazere

94 • Magnetic B stars observed with BRITE: Spots, magnetospheres, binarity, and pulsations, G. A. Wade, D. H. Cohen, C. Fletcher, G. Handler, L. Huang, J. Krticka, C. Neiner, E. Niemczura, H. Pablo, E. Paunzen, V. Petit, A. Pigulski, Th. Rivinius, J. Rowe, M. Rybicka, R. Townsend, M. Shultz, J. Silvester, J. Sikora and the BRITE Team

101 • Understanding the photometric variability of θ Ori Aa, B. Buysschaert, C. Neiner, T. Ramiaramanantsoa, N. D. Richardson, A. David-Uraz, A. F. J. Moat and the BRITE Team


Part 5 - Binaries

113 • Bayesian frequency analysis of HD201433 observations with BRITE, T. Kallinger, W. W. Weiss and the BRITE Team

120 • Pulsations in close binaries from the BRITE point of view, A. Pigulski, M. Jerzykiewicz, M. Ratajczak, G. Michalska, E. Zahajkiewicz  and the BRITE Team

128 • B-type stars in eclipsing binaries, M. Ratajczak, A. Pigulski and K. Pavlovski


Part 6 - Pulsating Hot Stars

138 • The solitary g-mode frequencies in early B-type stars, J. Daszyńska-Daszkiewicz, P. Walczak, A. Pamyatnykh, M. Jerzykiewicz, A. Pigulski and the BRITE Team

145 • The evolved slowly pulsating B star 18 Peg: A testbed for upper main sequence stellar evolution, A. Irrgang, P. De Cat, A. Tkachenko, A. Deshpande, S. Moehler, M. Mugrauer and D. Janousch

151 • Six β Cephei stars as seen with BRITE and from the ground, G. Handler and the BRITE Team

158 • Analysis of β Cephei stars observed by BRITE, E. Zocłocińska  and the BRITE Team

167 • The power of heartbeats through the lens of ι Orionis, H. Pablo, N. D. Richardson, J. Fuller, A. F. J. Moat, the BRITE Team and Photometry Tiger Team (PHOTT)

173 • Interpretation of the BRITE oscillation spectra of the early B-type stars: ν Eri and α Lupi, P. Walczak, J. Daszyńska-Daszkiewicz, A. Pamyatnykh, G. Handler, A. Pigulski and the BRITE Team

180 • BRITE photometry of seven B-type stars, E. Paunzen, M. Rode-Paunzen and the BRITE Team

186 • β Lup, δ Lup, and τ1 Lup observed by BRITE-Constellation, H. Cugier, A. Pigulski and the BRITE Team

188 • Be stars seen by space photometry, T. Rivinius, D. Baade  and A. C. Carcio

196 • Pulsations and outbursts in Be stars: Small differences - big impacts, D. Baade, Th. Rivinius, A. Pigulski, A. Carcio, G. Handler, R. Kuschnig, Ch. Martayan, A. Mehner, A. F. J. Moat, H. Pablo, A. Popowicz, S. M. Rucinski, G. A. Wade, W. W. Weiss  and K. Zwintz


Part 7 - Intermediate Mass Stars

209 • Deriving stellar parameters with the SME software package, N. Piskunov

214 • MOST results for some pre-main sequence stars, M. Siwak, S. M. Rucinski, J. M. Matthews, C. Cameron, D. B. Guenther, R. Kuschnig, W. W. Weiss, A. F. J. Moat, J. F. Rowe, D. Sasselov, M. Drozdz and W. Ogloza

217 • Photometric and spectroscopic variability of 53 Per, E. Niemczura, A. Pigulski, H. Lehmann, K. Kaminski, G. Catanzaro, I. Stateva, M. Napetova and the BRITE Team

222 • Studying p-mode damping and the surface effect with hydrodynamical simulations, F. Kupka, K. Belkacem, R. Samadi and S. Deheuvels

228 • A BRITE view on δ Scuti and γ Doradus stars, K. Zwintz and the BRITE Team

236 • 43 Cygni observed with BRITE-Constellation, S. Gossl, K. Zwintz, R. Kuschnig  and the BRITE Team

240 • A spectroscopic atlas of the A7 Ib supergiant ι Carinae in the near-IR, M. Kondrak, N. Przybilla, K. Zwintz, the CRIRES-POP collaboration and the BRITE Team


Part 8 - Cepheids

251 • Cepheid investigations in the era of space photometric missions, E. Plachy

259 • Interferometric and spectroscopic observations of the BRITE target  δ Cep, E. Poretti and N. Nardetto

265 • BRITE observations of classical Cepheids, R. Smolec, P. Moskalik, N. R. Evans, A. F. J. Moat, G. A. Wade and the BRITE Team

272 • The MOST view of Cepheids, L. Molnar, A. Derekas, R. Szabo, L. Szabados, J. M. Matthews, C. Cameron, A. F. J. Moat, N. Richardson and N. R. Evans


Part 9 - Conclusions

277 • Conference summary, S. Rucinski and W. W. Weiss