3rd Cosmology School, Introduction to Cosmology

3rd Cosmology School, Introduction to Cosmology
Conference date: 10–23 July 2017
Conference website: http://cosmoschool2017.oa.uj.edu.pl/index.0.html
Location: Cracow, Poland
ISBN: 978-83-950430-3-1
ISSN: 2545-1022
Editors: Katarzyna Bajan, Monika Biernacka, Agnieszka Pollo
Volume number: 9
Published: July, 2019

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3rd Cosmology School, Introduction to Cosmology - Table of Contents


11 • Lecture I. Dark Matter, Guido Chincarini

33 • Lecture II. Binary galaxies, Guido Chincarini

61 • Lecture III. Clusters of Galaxies, Guido Chincarini

81 • Lecture IV. Dark Matter & particles (WIMP), Guido Chincarini

107 • Co-evolution of galaxies and Active Galactic Nuclei, Gianfranco De Zotti

125 • Star formation across cosmic time with radio surveys. The promise of the SKA, Gianfranco De Zotti, Matteo Bonato, Zhen-Yi Cai

151 • Prospects for next generation Cosmic Microwave Background experiments, Gianfranco De Zotti

166 • Dark energy at cosmological and astrophysical scales: theoretical models and observational tests, Bohdan Novosyadlyj

178 • Galaxy clusters, their components and evolution, Elena Panko

189 • Gravitational microlensing: two aspects for the analysis, Liudmyla Berdina

194 • A relation between D4000 and [OII]3727Å for galaxies at redshift 0.45-1.25 , Oskar Kopczyński

199 • What drives the Quasar Main Sequence?, Swayamtrupta Panda, Bożena Czerny, Conor Wildy, Marzena Śniegowska

203 • FIR-radio correlation of extragalactic objects in the AKARI All Sky Survey, Agata Pępiak, Agnieszka Pollo, Aleksandra Solarz, Paweł Piątek

207 • The extreme values of eigenvector one – the spectral properties, Marzena Śniegowska, Bożena Czerny